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August 19, 2006

Mac Notifier for Gmail and Google Calendar

Mac users have a new way to be updated about the events from Google Calendar. The new Google Notifier, released as an universal binary, alerts you about the upcoming events and includes all the features from Gmail notifier. So now you can check both your mail and agenda with the same tool. Outlook is one step closer.

As usual, I'll be delighted if my visitors who use Mac take the time to test the small tool and share their opinion.

{ Screenshots by Floris van Eck. }

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  1. I just downloaded the Google Notifier and I'm very excited by it. Hopefully it works as well as the Gmail notifier.

    One thing; the icons aren't as crisp as the icon in the Gmail notifier. Maybe in the next version?

  2. I don't use Mac, but I've heard that the problem might be related to Google Calendar.

    Try these:
    1. Log in to Gmail and / or Calendar in browser. Test. If it works bad:
    2. Deactivate Calendar from the notifier. Test.

    There were some problems with the Windows version too. I don't know what's so hard to make a notifier.

    If other people have a solution, we want to know.

  3. I have the same problem Matt mentioned on MBP.
    It seems that is caused by Google calendar.
    The Gmail function runs well, and the notification is not delivered by Growl, I guess. :)

  4. yep.. I trashed it too beacuse of it continually popping up a login. google needs to stop the public beta testing and get it right before releasing.

  5. It's October 24th and this is STILL not fixed so I too trashed it.

  6. It's December now, and it's still not fixed (the bug where the login keeps popping up repeatedly, even if you're already logged-in.) I don't mind that it's beta, but it would be nice if they fixed known bugs that completely stop you from using the dang thing in a reasonable timeframe.

  7. February, still not fixed. It's weird, I had it installed for a while and it was fine... but then my MBP wouldn't start up and I had to trash my user Library and now google notifier login is popping up all over the place.

  8. Just for the record:

    It's june 25 and it's still not fixed.


  9. I'm having an issue with emails being displayed out-of-order when I read a new email.

    I'll read a newly-received mail, and an unread message is highlighted by the notifier as a new message -- any unread message. Even from days, weeks, or months ago -- definitely not the most recent unread message. What's the scoop?

  10. Seems like many people are having problems with the near continuous login prompt.
    That's a relief...I thought I must have screwed something up when installing the dang thing.

  11. Does anyone read this? I'm really upset. My google notifier is checking mail just fine, but when I hit the copose mail button in the notfier, a new screen opens and says done in the bottom corner, but all that shows up in the window is the word Loading. This happens also when I try to email using a contact us link on another webpage. Can anyone help?

  12. February 5th 2008, Still not fixed!

  13. Feb 28th, 2008 & I'm still having the same problem as Denae...

  14. March 19th, 2008, and I'm having the same problem. Good job on squashing those bugs!

  15. The recurrent login window problem might be with mac's keychain, possibly a duplicate entry. See this link on apple's website for more info on resetting or finding a duplicate

  16. re: the keychain - - I am almost certain that this is a keychain problem. much like many of the other keychain problems I have had. Sadly, the instructions for resetting a keychain do not seem to solve the problem - - my keychain locks itself seemingly at random all the time; refuses to record new passwords or remember old ones (except when it does, sporadically . . .) none of the remedies seem to fix it, including deleting it, resetting it, repairing it. Apple's support on this subject is, I believe, totally lacking. I also think my keychain became corrupted by using .Mac, although I have not proven that yet.

  17. Any word on if this is even being addressed? It seems like this is the tye of thing that shouldn't take years to fix.

  18. Any word on if this is even being addressed? It seems like this is the tye of thing that shouldn't take years to fix.

  19. google notifier has stopped working on my machine (core duo running leopard 10.5.2) but it still works on my wife's machine (core 2 duo 10.5.2). trashing everything (including preferences) does not work - the notifier icon has a red color and just sits there, asking me my username and password every few minutes.

  20. I had this problem, too - and it turned out to be a keychain problem.
    Here's what I did:
    - Delete the "Google Service - Google Notifier" entry from the keychain.
    - Restart the notifier and tell it to store your password in the keychain.
    - Check your keychain: Did the entry get added back into the keychain?
    It did not in my case.
    I ran the "First Aid" program in Keychain Access: Keychain Access -> Keychain First Aid. It found some errors which I told it to repair.
    No problems since.
    I think (from what the error message said) that this may come from a bug that the original installer of Microsoft Office 2008 had (keychain associated with an incorrect user number).

  21. Thanks for your tip, Schorsch. I solved this problem a week back and it was indeed related to the keychain. On a wild hunch, I just deleted all 'google' items from the keychain and everything started working fine. I believe that the screwup occurred because I use Camino to access another google account and it has a conflict with Safari that in this particular case randomly created this issue.

  22. OK, i tried that keychain thing. hopefully it works. its August 2008 and the notifier has kept alerting me about the same mail repeatedly.

  23. On my client's Mac (OS X Leopard) the notifier only works partially; it displays the appropriate icons for gmail, but clicking on the "Go to Inbox" menu item on the drop-down menu starts the Calculator application. Collecting messages through Safari works OK. Anybody had this problem and solved it? Thanks.


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