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August 31, 2006

Google Calendar Gadget Shows All Your Calendars

Google Calendar Gadget for Google Desktop is an easy way to view your calendar without visiting Google Calendar site. Now the small gadget allows you to view all your calendars or only the calendars you want, not just the main calendar.

It's also easier to add events in the calendar without going to the site. If you enable the alerts in Google Desktop, you can be notified about the events. Even if your Internet connection goes down, you'll still be able to see your calendar and get alerts.

The gadget requires Google Desktop 4, which was also updated to version 4.2006.825. If you already have the gadget, you need to download the new version.

Add events to Google Calendar faster
Google Persistent Memory


  1. alex.. do you by chance use google desktop or do you only write about it? i've been told its a memory hog so i figured i wouldn't use it..

  2. I've installed and uninstalled Google Desktop many times. It didn't slow down my system, but its index was almost 1 GB and the sidebar couldn't keep me focused on my activities (there's always some interesting news).

    Now I disabled the index for web history and many not-so-useful folders and I keep the sidebar hidden most of the time. If I want to search, I go to or press Ctrl twice.

    Some stats:
    the index is now around 300 MB
    Google Desktop uses around 10-15 MB of RAM

  3. Where can i find the file, to know how big my index is?

  4. The folder is usually:
    "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Desktop\"

  5. running vista
    my google calendar gadget shows my appointments i a font that only shows upper 50% of the text - can anyone help?

  6. runs ok here for me on XP


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