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August 21, 2006

Sergey Brin As Seen On Google

How is Sergey Brin presented on The descriptions vary, but one word is repeated more often than the others: morality.

Sergey Brin

... is co-founder and President, Technology at Google.

... is under tremendous internal pressure to abandon his principles.

... is finding that purity just doesn't scale.

... is Google's moral compass.

... is well known for saying that the rule the company operates by is "Don't be evil."

... is jet-lagged; he has the vaguely disoriented look of a young man still finding his bearings after a very long, strange trip.

... realized search is number two online activity and checking e-mail is number one.

... is still cryptic about a possible Google browser.

... is taking Cambodian children as an example of how democratic and wide-spread their search engine is.

... is a perfect example of a young entrepreneur: young, good looking, and fabulously rich.

... is a technologist. He is woefully under-equipped to handle the subtle difficulties of human communication.

... is passionate about the intersection of biology, technology and genetics and envisions a day when computer users will be able to Google their Genes.

... is considering coming back to Stanford to finish his doctoral degree.

... was quite cocky about his intellect, often trying to prove teachers of various subjects (read: Math) just how wrong they were.

... is known to spend some lunch hours on the beach volleyball court [from] the Google campus.

... is not considering to buy Microsoft.

... is notoriously skeptical about the semantic web.

... has even compared the Google search engine to the computer HAL in the film "2001: A Space Odyssey".

... has said that the perfect search engine would be like "the mind of God".

... is a Russian success story.

... his birth date is August 21, 1973.

Happy birthday, Sergey Brin!

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  1. I sent him a mail this morning (01:00, LA Time), I'm waiting for is response.

  2. i don't know him, i don't have his email, but if there's a chance that he might read this, i just want to say:

    THANK YOU, for making our lifes easier and happier :D

  3. I believe that Sergei Brin is an example of how an ordinary person can succeed by doing good. Google has definitely come a long way from where it started but the people behind its success remain ordinary, down-to-earth people.

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