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August 17, 2006

Free Access to Writely

Writely Blog is proud to announce that Writely access is now free for everyone. Just sign up for an account.

Writely is a word processing tool acquired by Google this year. Since it was acquired, users were required to have an invitation to try the product. You can read my negative review, but there are many people who like Writely.

Google Analytics and Google Spreadsheets are available without invitation


  1. I agree with your negative review... especially when compared with the new Microsoft Office 2007 (beta 2), Writely looks like junk (no offense).

    I've emailed Writely and told them of my thoughts, but I just don't see online "word processors" becoming popular.

  2. A good online word processor is thinkfree. It looks and seems just as powerful as word 2003. But writely seems ok for easy web word editing.

  3. Agreed, after taking the new Microsoft Office 2007 for a test spin, it is clear to me that the new tab-based navigation wipes the floor with any word processor I have seen yet, even Pages (the Mac OS X equivalent to Office) does not come close. I find it hard to believe that any word processor will have the strength to stand up to this new Microsoft invention.


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