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August 23, 2006

Gmail Opens In Japan

After Australia and New Zealand, Gmail will be available without invitation in Japan. "We want as many people to have access to our service. The change has had quite a significant impact in Australia and New Zealand," said a Google representative.

Gmail was initially an invite-only service, then users from the US and other countries could get Gmail by SMS, and now more countries can have Gmail directly from Google clearly prepares for the public release of Gmail, after more than two years of beta-testing.

I wonder which of the three email services will get out of beta first: Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Windows Live Mail?


  1. The funny thing about all that is, that they all have the same problem: Scaling

    All the services are slow, to a different extent, but slow.

    Gmail is in the best situation here, because it doesn't need so much initial loading time (compared to WL Mail and Yahoo Mail Beta).

    I guess it will be a quite launch for Gmail, I think they are already in launching phase.

    The Windows Live-services should launch soon after Windows Vista, because afaik Microsoft wants to promote the WL-brand in Vista.

  2. To see how flawed search engines are, I couldn't find a single information about webmail and Gmail's popularity in Japan. The problem is I searched in English.

    Maybe someone from Japan could enlighten me.

  3. Wait... in Japan you dont´t have to send a SMS? Really?

  4. Maybe at the same time, some 4.1, that out of beta.