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August 31, 2006

Site 24x7 - Free Website Monitoring

Site 24x7 is a free service that lets you monitor a site's response time over time and sends alerts if a site is down or slow. You can set how often Site 24x7 monitors the site: the smallest interval is 5 minutes.

What's nice about this service is that you can get alerts by mail or SMS if something bad happens with a site: slow load time, most of the content is changed (defacement?), HTTP errors. Reports can be sent to any number of mail addresses and phone numbers, but you can only have 10 free SMS notifications per month.

The service is in beta and will continue to be free after it's officially launched, although it will have some limitations for the number of monitored sites.

You can try a demo to see how it works.


  1. I was just looking for it today, I just catch my web site down for 5 minutes and I wondered if this happens regularly :). Very nice application and thank you very much for the link

  2. Thanks for taking note of site24x7 !

    BTW we have added a new feature to make your website statistics public

    Do send us any feedback you have.

    Site24x7 Team

  3. Dotcom-monitor is also one of the leaders in thу sphere of website monitoring. I have been used it for two years and I have no any complaint. Besides it is rather cheap.

  4. But i have to admit that site24x7 is also reliable service

  5. The Service is not FREE anymore ... The free service now only checks every 60min...

  6. If you're looking for a great FREE service, check out - they offer free 15 minute monitoring of up to 5 sites over HTTP/HTTPS with free content checking!

  7. What about or

    Anyone use those? They appear to be very basic in their free features but would do what I need.

  8. You might want to look at my comparison of free website monitoring services:

  9. @Freddy: Site24x7 does offer monitoring of 2 websites for free with 60 minutes poll interval.

  10. I have used the services from Site24x7, which are reliable to use..
    If you're looking for a great FREE service, check out Monitorscout which offers high quality monitoring services with over 15 monitoring locations across the globe to control uptime and latency for your website and/or server solution.It performs 50 different checks using some of the most superior internet protocols like HTTP, IMAP, POP3, MySQL etc..

  11. I'd also add - to the mix.

    The service, like Site24x7 is free to use but allows you to monitor an unlimited number of websites. The service checks for performance issues and uptime every 5 mins from multiple locations around the world.

    Alerts are sent to you by email, Skype, Twitter, SMS text message or push notifications - e.g. iOS/Android/Blackberry apps such as BoxCar and Pushover.

  12. That's really a good news for those site owner that want to monitor their site but don't have enough budget. You can also use Google docs to do site uptime monitoring.


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