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August 9, 2006

The Value Of Videos

Online video is a big business, and Google realized that. While YouTube, Google Video and other video sites don't have a business model, contextual video ads are a sure bet. The idea that anyone can shoot a short video, upload it on the site and then embed it on his blog entices people to populate video sites databases with content. While many people will say that the content is not valuable (TV is the same), the diversity and the big amount of choices will make it very valuable in the future. It will be an archive of cultural trends, popular songs, news, events, TV shows, tips, and crazy ideas and it will surpass TV in popularity.

What do you watch on Google Video or YouTube? Do you think most of the videos are shallow?

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  1. so you wrote on about this because of my comment? :-P

    I say that it will never meet TV standards, quality stinks, and half the stuff isn't immediate, it isn't live like the TV can be, plus with copywright issues it'll never be perfect - unless you pay and who wants to do that?

  2. I find YouTube far more relevant than Google. I never go to Google for vids.

  3. I find YouTube far more relevant than Google. I never go to Google for vids.

    I agree with you. I watch clips from tv shows and also videos uploaded by friends.

  4. true that. what will happen is that we'll be able to watch more TV online, which is what I do now instead of cable, also supplemented with netflix.

  5. > I say that it will never meet TV standards

    640x480 isn't hard to catch up with. Think how crappy the web video experience was just two years ago. Quality will improve.

    The thing it has over TV already is it's semantic nature, and the ability to create truly meaningful (and personal) relationships with the content and the creators. And the ability for the audience to submit their own.


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