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August 31, 2006

Google Wants To Team Up With Emmy Winners

If you're in the US and search for one of the Emmy winners, like Julia Louis Dreyfus, Google has a nice little ad that says "Google congratulates". Here's the text of the landing page:

"We were rooting for you to strike gold at the Emmy Awards ceremony the other night, and we were thrilled when you did. As firm believers in accountability, Google salutes professionals like you who have accomplished great things.

The question is, what's left to conquer?
To explore additional collaborative opportunities in this field, please contact:"

The question here is: what does Google want? A partnership with Google Video? Here's one possible translation:

"We liked Seinfeld, but never seen anything great from you since then. We were surprised to see you winning an award.

The question is: why do you Google yourself? You must have a big ego and you must want some money to feed it. Drop us a mail. We know you hate people, but we're Google."

{ Via One Park Avenue. }

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  1. I find those Emmy-related Google ads to be very odd. What kind of "collaborrative opportunities" or business venture does Google want to embark on with these celebs? What a strange way to go about the partnership. Don't you think Google could contact the celeb's representatives directly?


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