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August 1, 2006

Embed a Part of a Google Video

You could link to a part of a video, now you can set the starting point of an embedded video.

Just add this to the code generated by Google Video as an attribute of embed:


The starting point is expressed in seconds, so you need to make a little conversion.

Another interesting value of FlashVars is:


This way, the video starts after the page loads. This is not recommended, because a page may have more videos and users shouldn't be forced to watch your annoying video.

You can combine the values like this:


{ From Google Video Blog. }


  1. This doesn't work, I've tried it a million times and the video will not start at the specific start time.

  2. You're right, but when I wrote the post it worked.

  3. It works for me. (Make sure your start time-- measured in total seconds-- isn't larger than the video's duration.)

    now I'd like to be able to set the end time and the poster frame.

  4. I tried it, it is working well. thanks.


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