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August 2, 2006

Picasa Web Albums Uploader For Mac

iPhoto is one of the coolest software for Mac, or maybe not. Google heard that many people complained about Mac's photo management tool and started to work on a Mac version of Picasa.

Until Picasa is released for Mac, Google has created a small utility that allows you to upload your albums to Picasa Web Albums (you can upload photos from the web too, but it's not easy if you have many). You can upload the albums from iPhoto or using a standalone utility. You just need to download a small application and have a Picasa Web Albums invitation from Google.

I know some of the visitors of this blog use Mac (around 6%), so I'd be grateful if someone tries the tool and shares his/her impressions. Some screenshots would be nice too.

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  1. I absolutely love this! I'm a veteran Mac user, and also use PCs all the time. I'm always bouncing between using both, and having Google tie everything together is so awesome.

    Picasa Web Albums is amazing, and the iPhoto export plugin is great! I would really go for having a full blown Picasa for Mac if they made it.

    Check out these photos, all added within minutes from iPhoto with almost no effort:

    There is an seperate album of screenshots if you want a preview of what to expect.

  2. Sweat! But I most say the quality of the iphoto export isn't that great. bad export

    The uploader is great

  3. Regarding "bad export" above: You can choose to keep the Actual Size of the photos when exporting to Picasa Web Album (there's a dropbox in the Export interface).
    You can then get the original from the website by using the Download Photo link on the right of the picture.
    Or you can click Zoom in on the top right corner, and drag the picture to see all part of it.
    The viewport in Picasa Wel Album seems to have a maximum; nothing related to the iPhoto export plugin - the same happens if you upload the picture from the web interface.

  4. It appears to be a problem with the compression
    of my jpg's I have tried other pictures and those had no problem. Forget my first post.

    Tnx you all

  5. Please hurry the full version of picasa for mac up, I want to publish to blogger feature!

  6. I've just started using the uploader on Mac OSX 10.4.9 and it was working great. Then I inadvertently tried uploading a rather large image and Picasa more or less froze. I didn't have to force quit but ever since then when I open Picasa it seems to open but no interface windows appear. I've tried deleting / uninstalling and reinstalling but with no change in results.
    If I can't resolve this I'm going to try Flickr rather than workaround by uploading via browser five images at a time.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? I can reached at, thanks, Yuri

  7. The only downside is that it doesn't include the ability to upload videos.

  8. Well, it works, sort of.

    When I select the album to upload, and select Picasa Web, I get a Sign-in window. The only problem is that I can't enter my information into the window?? If I use the drag and drop method, it works just fine. Anyone have any ideas.

    Thanks, Lee


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