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August 23, 2006

Address Recognition On Google Search

Adam Trachtenberg reports a new experiment in Google search results page. Some of the pages that contain addresses have a new option below the snippet: show the address on a map. If you click on the link, you see a small image from Google Maps and a link to the interactive map. As usually, the new feature is available only to a small number of users.

Google wants to include its specialized searches in the main search, so, for example, if you search for a restaurant, you'll easily find pages that contain the address of the restaurant.

Google Toolbar has a similar feature, that also works with Google Earth, Mapquest and Yahoo Maps.

In "The next step in search", I predict that search engines will try to "grasp the meaning of a page and of its parts, to create a semantic web algorithmically. The next step for Google is to structure unstructured information, and to turn the web into a Google Base."

{ Thank you, Ramibotros. }

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