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August 9, 2006

Gmail Without Invitation In Australia

The only thing that hinders Gmail's growth is the fact it's still an invitation-only service (except in the US and few other countries). PC World informs that, as of today, Australian and New Zealand residents can get a Gmail account without invitation.

"As we prepare to broaden availability, we have decided to launch these efforts in Australia and New Zealand first," said a Google Australia spokesperson. The Google representative said that Gmail will be out of beta when "strong internal metrics" will be met. Those who use Gmail know that there are days when Gmail is not accessible or is very slow, so there are still problem with scalability.

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  1. Have you done an update on Gmail Hosted lated? I applied and was accepted within hours, and after figuring out the MX settings at GoDaddy, it works a treat (

    Highly recommended for SMEs etc where staff are using personal gmail instead of work mail accounts because they like gmail better.

  2. i think google should keep the Gmail with invitation as long as they can. My friends are changing email services from gmail to windows live mail or yahoo mail beta. why? because they are more "valueable" with those apparently "limited" invitation! I did really think tht Google should keep the invitation as low as possible...

  3. I think the whole live thing is just a copy of google. I mean having everything togother and simple is a well known characteristic of google.

  4. If only I could sync my google calendars with my w800i easily, life would be better!

    The calendar/mail integration is really good.
    I don't use hosted domains because I can't use a picture in my contact info :P
    So I just have everything forwarded to my gmail account.

    If we could do proper send-as that would be great.
    Currently all the outlook users get From: Me >> on Behalf of
    This sucks, but otherwise its all good :)
    Its just anoying that lots of people use outlook :P

  5. I think google should keep its invitational style.It prevents other users from creating waste email accounts. At least, those who get invited are active people on the internet.

    Just a thought though.

  6. windows live is just as you said, just microsoft attempting to copy google. it's pathetic that microsoft cant be more innovative.

  7. omg a software company copying other software companies? OMG HAX! /CRy!