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August 30, 2006 Lite - File Hosting With Less Limitations

I've written about, a service that provides 1 GB of free online storage. To increase the adoption, has released a new service called Lite, that allows you to upload a file of up to 10 MB and get a direct link.

You can upload any kind of file and there are no traffic limitations. You don't have to register, although you have to provide an email address, so that if you decide you need to manage your uploaded files, you can sign in for a account. If you don't want to do that, seems to work.

For photos, you also get a thumbnail, so you just have to copy-paste the code into your blog. I think this service is a good replacement for All you can upload: you don't have options for resizing, but you can do that with any image editor, and you can upload more than photos.

If you upload audio files (I've tried only with MP3 files), offers you a very slick Flash player, so you can embed it into your blog.

All in all, this is a very good file hosting service if you don't have a domain or you don't want to pay for the traffic.


  1. you were looking for a good replacement for all-you-can-upload? aaa no, i see, all-you-can-upload is just for images.

    Funny, that the 2 webpages ( and are looking similar (same blue and 3 "boxes")

  2. aaa no Philippe, they are very different! You see, has 3 boxes, but they are "steps", each one with different information, and the background is blue. all-you-can-upload has 3 boxes, each one for a file, the bg is white and there are more information in the page

  3. aaa but right now seems to be not accepting uploads. is temporarily not accepting uploads. Thanks for your interest.
    Please email for support

  4. Well, now there are plenty options, such as EggDisk, which offers 20MG free and anonymous image hosting, and with registration you get 150M file upload and 6GB lifetime free file storage. Cool.

  5. I've tried to store 100 GB of my files, music and videos at an online storage provide like Flipdrive and Mediamax. Does it really work during day-to-day usuage? How much does it cost? Can it replace your local harddrive(s)? Check out this report!

  6. What happened??? They got my money and now I am having trouble editing the file I uploaded. I called and spoke to someone at Box Net on Monday, June 25th regarding the trouble I am having with their server - and today (2 days later) I am still having the problem!

    No one from Box Net has called me back. I followed up with e-mails describing the problem and still no response.

    This moring I called 11 times and was disconnected each time.

    So far, I am very dissapointed with Box Net.

  7. aaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaa no phillippe! aaa! aaaaaaa!


    what the hell is aaa and why are you foreign wackjobs saying it so much?

  8. For file storage,the best i think is no doubt Oosah : 1 Terabyte of online storage for FREE!!!
    and you can make them public too!!
    Read this article :


  9. xdrive have been closeee, sadly to say

    is there any file hosting without time limitations to store our file about 1gb???

  10. A decent file hosting service is ADrive - you get 50 GB for free.


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