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August 19, 2006

The Search Battle For IE7

After my post Google is your default search, that reported a new feature in Google Toolbar 4: a monitoring tool that blocks any attempt to replace Google with other search engine in Internet Explorer, but remains loaded even if it is disabled - Google has updated the toolbar. They removed the bug, so the monitoring tool can be disabled and they also changed the wording in the settings:



While Google insists that this feature was added to prevent malware to change the default search engine in the settings, I think Google wanted to counterattack the software from Yahoo or Microsoft that includes the option to change the search engine enabled by default (Google's software also does that). If you download Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live Messenger, and keep the default settings, you'll change the search engine to Yahoo or MSN. But what's so important about the search engine in IE? you'll ask. The major battle of the default search engine is for IE7, a browser that has a search box, unlike the previous versions.

"The main issue is that many users do not have security software that prevents their search settings from being changed without their consent. As more advanced browsers and browser features become available, search settings in IE will become increasingly important. The notifier enhances a user’s control over their internet browsing experience. If users want to keep Google as their search setting, we want it to be easy for them to do so," says Benjamin Lewis, Product Manager for Google Toolbar.


  1. Yesterday - the google toolbar was updated and I lost all my normal icons -mail, edit etc. I now have to click on the right side of Exp and drag down to them.
    Can I get them back where they were?

  2. Settings / Options / Buttons / Custom buttons -> enable the buttons

  3. Hey this is not just a toolbar issue - i have uninstalled toolbar and when I type a search for something in the address bar and it cannot be found (ie. an incorrect search) i get

    witha blank page - i.e. not the usual M$ page.

    That's it - I have had with all this G takeover stuff. I am removing everything I can - including Adsense.

  4. I first noticed this exe when my firewall warned that it was trying to access the interenet. If all it does is monitor changes to my system, why does it need network access?

  5. BTW, my system was updated to the new toolbar without prompting me. One day it just told me the toolbar was updated. Did I agree to this when I first installed the toolbar? I don't recall being asked.

  6. When you install the toolbar, you agree to these terms, that say:

    "The Google Toolbar contacts our servers periodically to obtain automatic updates to the latest version, or as part of the uninstall process."

    Also this:

    "Why does the Google Toolbar update itself?
    The Google Toolbar is designed to automatically update when stability fixes and security updates are available. This auto-update mechanism has always been used by Google to distribute new versions of the Toolbar and is outlined in our Toolbar Privacy Policy."

  7. Hi, i just uninstalled Google toolbar before upgrading to IE7 and i find that the Google "notifier" is Still up and running. What gives? I dont like it. I will try the suggestion to delete it manually but if i uninstall any software i expect the whole thing gone, not some of it. kbye

  8. Cool..Thanks

    I've been trying to remove it and came across this post. :D

  9. can anyone give me step by step instructions how to get rid of this Google intrusion. Believe me, the 'google' name just became mud to be because, well, I don't like anything or anyone forcing me to do things their way - especially on my PERSONAL computer.

    thanks for your help.

  10. The biggest problem with Google's latest version of the toolbar is that it reinstalls itself AFTER being removed in Add/Remove Programs. This happened to me this evening. Google has now become just another Spyware/Malware outfit; this will be the beginning of their downfall. For Google to think that they have the right to compromise machines just like some shady Spyware organization really shows their arrogance. Then to cover and call it a "bug" is ludicrous. Bugs are errors in programs. It took a lot of work for them to DELIBERATELY program the toolbar to behave this way. GOOGLE SUCKS!

  11. Need Help :- I recently installed IE7 and there is already a default search of Google, I was using Google toolbar which has an excelent feature of search suggestion i.e you do not need to type whole word and it brings suggestion. How can i get that option in the default search box of IE7. Thanking you.

  12. So you want Google Suggest in the search box of IE7. From what I know, you can't have this feature.

    But here are some places where you can find it:

    * Google Toolbar, that also works in IE7
    * Google Suggest page (you can use it as your homepage)
    * Firefox 2 has Google Suggest in the search box

  13. Thanks i tried different ways but google suggest home page is the only solution. I did try with the option to "creat own search" but it does give suggetion in that search box and uses google sugest web page. Thanks again

  14. note:- It does not give suggestion

  15. I told you that IE7 doesn't offer suggestions. This feature needs to be implemented in the browser, like Firefox 2 did.

  16. google toolbar notifier keeps running even after disabling those items in the settings! Try it-

    Go to those settings and turn them off- "more" top two settings unchecked-

    kill the notifier process in task manager-

    It pops right back up again!!

    WTF Google -- you
    morons. Stop acting like a bunch of spammer/spyware scumbags.

    What the hell! Google is turning into Spyware and nagware itself. You guys are idiots if you think people are going to put up with this crap- our PC's aren't under the Taliban here. Some of us live in free countries still, so straighten up or go to hades.

    toolbar ver 4.0.1020.3054-bin/en (GFRC)

    After installing this nagware- (I have used Google toolbar for years BTW)- it messed up all my cookies- I had to freaking reboot before I could auto log-on to web forums and whatnot. You need to turn off these nagware/ background processes/ and all the other unwanted crap by DEFAULT. ALL MY OTHER SETTINGS STUCK AND WERE NOT CHANGED WHEN I UPDATED THE TOOLBAR-- WHY ARE YOU STILL ENABLING THIS BS every time I update!!?!?!!?!!?!!!?!

    Get your head out of your behind and wake up and smell the ashes- Google is not GOD, so quite acting like you are you - a whuoles.

  17. After i scanned my pc with ccleaner it says that i'm missing googletoolbarnotifier.exe, HOW DO I GET THE EXE FILE? Can someone help me?

  18. Just ignore C(rap)Cleaner. You probably had Google Toolbar and you uninstalled it.

    That EXE file is installed with Google Toolbar for IE.

  19. Hi Guys - if anyone is still wanting to have version 3 toolbar without the "auto update" to v4 happening again behind your back, check out my post on using your "host file" to block it - it's simple and IT WORKS!


  20. I have been on the Google bandwagon for years. I have always liked their products and I had em all - Toolbar, GWA, etc.
    Lately, my IE7 just kept crashing when I would open multiple tabs. "Just another crappy Microsoft product" I told myself.
    Just for kicks, I decided to uninstall all my Google toys.
    Much to my surprise, I like my browser much better without all the toys and it has stopped crashing!
    Is it just me or has Google started acting like Microsoft in a lot of ways?

  21. Actually Google also collects as much info as anyone else. So there is nothing weird anymore that you can't disable GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe from startup. Nowadays every program wants to have internet access for same reason. Go figure.

  22. I have found two very easy ways to stop googletoolbarnotifier (shitey name BTW)
    One, block it using your firewall software
    Two, write yourself a little batch file that removes the google toolbar registry entry and pop that in your startup folder.
    Google doesn't know what's hit it, and just disappears...
    Yes, it's shitey software, but aside from some (and I mean SOME) freeware that is out there, ALL other software that you buy or download wants to get its' grubby mitts on your IE data.

  23. To stop googletoolbarnotifier, just go to Google Toolbar's settings, click on the "More" tab and uncheck "Set and keep search settings to Google".

  24. FYI: In the Registry there is also a HKCU run branch key that kicks off googletoolbarnotifier.exe This must also be removed to prevent it from coming back.

  25. Try to delete that from the registry and it puts another one back in automatically. Now I have two.

  26. Isn't deleting it manually from the program files (I mean Program Files/Google/Google toolbar/Google toolbar notifier) effective? Should I do that?

  27. I am an older person who does not understand computers. But it seems to me within the last week or so things have changed on my computer at the top. Favorites has changed to a star, print is gone, or moved and a few other things have moved. It is so hard for a person who has no lessons on how to operate one of these things much less understand what others are tellling you because I don't communicate in computer language.
    Question I think I have Window XP Professional or something like that. It has taken me a long time to barely move around in this and now the changes. Are the questions above this box the same problems I am having or did I do something to change where things are?

  28. POSTED 04:32 PM 2009/Mar/28 at

    I use ZoneAlarm to deny Internet access to the GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe . I do not want unnecessary programs running in the background anyway, so I am still trying to keep GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe from launching at StartUp. GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe keeps adding itself to my START>RUN>MSCONFIG>STARTUP TAB>SYSTEM CONFIGURATION UTILITY list.

    I do not know if what I am about to do is going to work. I opened my IE Browser window, selected TOOLS>INTERNET OPTIONS>PROGRAMS>MANAGE ADD-ONS>, scrolled down the list, highlighted the GOOGLE TOOLBAR NOTIFIER BHO "browser helper object" (file swg.dll), and then clicked the DISABLE button in the lower left corner of the box.

    Then I went back to my START>RUN>MSCONFIG>STARTUP TAB>SYSTEM CONFIGURATION UTILITY list and unchecked the box next to GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe

    Let's see if this works.

    If not, I will try deleting the entire directory at C:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier .

    I used to think GOOGLE products were the greatest. Has Google come under the sway of bullies who are as savage as their competitors, and better at abusing our trust and confidence?

    I would try the registry approach to knocking out GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe if someone gave me more detailed instructions.

    Others have written: "To stop googletoolbarnotifier, just go to Google Toolbar's settings, click on the "More" tab and uncheck "Set and keep search settings to Google"" How do I find "Google Toolbar's settings"? Nothing I click on opens up that menu.

    I have been trying to get rid of GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe for many weeks.

    I hope someone at Google reads this blog and finally has mercy on us, and understand that we want choice, not a police state. Once upon a time before the anti-Patriot Act, we lived in a place called America, the home of the free and the brave.

  29. @Anon:

    How do I find "Google Toolbar's settings"? Follow these instructions (instead of enabling the notifier, disable it).

  30. Those instruction are not there in the tool bar that I have... Version 5.0.20090813W is the one I have... Could someone tell me how to turn off the GoogleToolBarNotifier.exe in this version??? Do I have to uninstall googletoolbar and goo to someone else? Thanks...

  31. Google Notifier uses 30
    % of my CPU.
    Cant get rid of it.
    What to do?

  32. I personally found that when you are trying or installing new programs; and when it comes to the final install screen; most people who are fairly new to the internet; don't really read that screen. And they should; because there; you have your chance to not give these types of; take over programs; the right to put themselves in control of you settings. In this near the last; screen shot; it lists themselves, as your default search or what ever. Uncheck these unwanted box items. And
    you won't give your control over to these sneaky A-holes, in the first please. Hope this helps us beginners or new internt users.


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