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August 19, 2006

What's Next For Google Video?

To further increase its user base and to keep its users more on the site, Google Video will concentrate on personalization.

To feel at home, users need a profile page that contains details about themselves, their favorite videos, their comments, their personal videos and their topics of interest. Google Video will also create a personalized homepage that contains videos that match people's interests. The videos already watched, the ratings and the information gathered from web search will be helpful for creating this kind of service.

Google Video will need to improve its search, by using the labels and the comments to complement video descriptions. They also need to include an advanced search that will allow you to sort the results by rating, number of views, number of comments, number of blog embeddings and to search videos by language, quality of image or safe-for-work status. Speech-to-text conversion will bring more information about the videos and will create a search experience comparable to the current web search, but the technology needs to be improved in order to be used in the real world.

Contextual video ads will allow Google Video to deliver premium content for free, and that will include TV shows, music videos, documentaries and more. As long as the ads are not intrusive and deliver relevant information, they'll be successful.

More quality videos, easier to find videos and a more personal experience. I think this is the key for a better Google Video.

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  1. Agreed with almost everything i saw there. The ads is the very important part. If google keeps them unintrusive and relevant (topic and/or area), google there is a lot of money to be made....

  2. Right, but, wouldn't it be easier to just 'merge' orkut/g.accounts/ all together ?
    Well, this leads to another question, google care for orkut?