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August 18, 2006

Upload Pictures From Picasa To Flickr

If you use Picasa to manage your photos, there is an easy way to upload some of them to Flickr. Picasa has "send photos by email", Flickr has "upload by email".

1. Go here, sign in to Flickr and copy the email address provided.
2. Open Picasa, select the pictures and click on the "Email" button from the bottom of the window.
3. In the subject type the title of the picture followed by the tags.
In the body, type the description of the photo.

Subject example:
Sunny Valley tags:trip july "lucy cradle"

As Picasa is integrated with Gmail, the best thing is to use the Gmail account. Next time you want to send photos, just type Flickr in the "To" field and the autocomplete function will help you find the email address where to send the pictures. Remember to keep it private.

This method has some limitations: if you send more than one photo, all the photos will have the same title, description and tags, so you'll have to edit them from the Web interface. Flickr says there's no limit for the number of photos sent by email, but don't send too many, especially if they are high-resolution photos.

{ Based on a post from Digital Media Minute. }

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  1. I thought we were supposed to support Google though... and truthfully, Picasa Web Albums looks a lot better than Flikr. So why promote using Flikr to share photos instead of Picasa Web Albums?


  2. He's just showing you another function of Picasa. I don't use flickr and I didn't know about Web Albums either. But thanks to this topic I do now! I just installed it and I'm already uploading pictures.

  3. Google Web Albums that is.

  4. Really, I would like to do the opposite; send photos from flickr to Google Web Albums.

  5. i want someone to tell me how to get photos to goole image

  6. well I use both flickr and google web albums -- I consider the former more of a social platform and the latter more close friends especially due to the limiting disk space. Thanks of the plugin link -- just what I was looking for.

  7. Flickr is far better than picasa web albums.

    you r saying this because you haven't tried it.
    I am using both flickr and picasa web albums and i know whats the difference

  8. flickr = $25/year unlimited storage
    google = $20/year 10gb

    I already have well over 10gb of pictures with a simple 7MP point and shoot over the course of a year. It just makes more sense to use flickr.

  9. if you have images already uploaded to picasa web albums that you want to transfer to flickr theres a greasemonkey script that lets you do it here:


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