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August 31, 2006

August Recap: Google's Deals of the Year

What's so great about this month? Let's see:

Google's deals

Google made a lot of deals this month: with AOL to bundle Google Toolbar and Desktop with Real Player, with XM for Radio AdSense, with News Corp. for search and ads, with Viacom for Google Video ads, with eBay for VoIP ads.

New features

You can now save locations in Google Maps, find Google Video and Google Books on the homepage, have a better blog at Blogger so people won't laugh at you anymore. Google Talk adds voicemail and file transfer for the 42,000 happy users. Gmail has an MP3 player.


Google Spreadsheets, Google Analytics, Writely are available for anyone. Gmail doesn't need invitations in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Google WiFi is finally available for everyone in Mountain View.


There were too many birthdays: Google Talk has one year, Blogger turned seven, Linux is 15, Sergey Brin is 33.

New products

Gmail for Your Domain becomes Google Apps for Your Domain.

The most popular post (Analytics says that):
Create email blacklists in Gmail.

The most meaningful post (I say so):
Google Persistent Memory.

The best Google product of the month:
Eric Schmidt, for all the great deals that will mean a lot in the future and for being a part of Apple's board.

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