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August 27, 2006

Edit Web Pages Instantly In Opera

Opera has many interesting features. One of the most useful feature for webmasters (and not just for them) is "reload from cache". Load a web page, view the source and edit the code. After you finished, click on "reload from cache" and see the updated web page.

This way, you don't have the edit code locally, preview in the browser, upload it and then preview the page again. It's also useful if you want to create screenshots for a page that contains sensitive information. For example, you can remove the username from Gmail and other Google pages.

Opera also has a toolbar for web developers, similar to a well-known Firefox extension.

Update: For Firefox, there is a much more complex extension that lets you modify a Web page from the browser. It's called Platypus.

10 great features from Opera


  1. It makes for a really really slick way around some very unprotected websites, manipulating javascript is quite fun with this too. For's 10 basic challenges, some of the hard things you have to do are easily overcame by this feature :)

  2. The site you mentioned says I need to log in to see the 10 challenges. Would you be so nice to list them? I'm really curious.

  3. I'll get to it later - I don't remember my login details, and I have to goto work now :(

    Sorry, alex

  4. "...The site you mentioned says I need to log in to see the 10 challenges..."

    That's the first one... :-D

  5. There is more than one that can use that to help, I think the 7th or 8th.. I also use an html filter as well, that way I dont have to mess with crummy javascript (to fake the page and all)

  6. Platypus ( lets you achieve the same results in Firefox.

  7. Platypus is nice and it lets you edit the page in WYSIWYG mode, but it's pretty complicated to use. There are too many options. I'd love a simplified and better-looking Platypus.

  8. I use firefox and use firebug extension


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