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August 27, 2006

Google Launches Corporate Package

CNet reports that Google will expand Gmail for Your Domain into a much more interesting offer. Google will start to offer Google Apps for Your Domain, a hosted service that includes Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Page Creator. The service is mainly targeted at businesses, universities and other organizations, as it allows them to provide the same Google experience in a customized package.

The service is free, but Google will start to offer a premium service with larger storage, ad-free and with support at the end of the year.

Google's Dave Girouard said: "Organizations of all sizes face a common challenge of helping their users communicate and share information more effectively. A hosted service like Google Apps for Your Domain eliminates many of the expenses and hassles of maintaining a communications infrastructure, which is welcome relief for many small business owners and IT staffers."

The offer will, most likely, be more substantial in the future, with the addition of Writely, Google Spreadsheets and other applications and will start to look like a true Google Office. Google tried to be more attractive for corporate users by creating enterprise versions for Google Desktop and Google Toolbar, but without much success.


  1. we signed up, and received google's gmail for your domain in march, ( It was good, lacking a few key features that our other email had. But within a week they added what i told them.
    We had google talk intergration form the begining, and i noticed calander a when google put the bar on the top of the gmail page.
    I never knew we had page creator until i got the email about this the other day, i still havent had time to go play with it.
    We've been happy with google's hosted services so far.

  2. Thanks about this article, my domain shows only 2GB I am using his quite a bit. You know when this gonna be expanded to 15GB? Thanks.

  3. Google Launches Corporate Package
    Thanks! One of the best tips in awhile.

  4. I run a computer support company, servicing mainly small businesses. Im so looking forward to introduce to them Gmail for their domain.

    It´s going to be great!

  5. I honestly hope that at some stage Google makes it easier for existing Microsoft shops to integrate with Google apps.

    Being able to connect to AD and Exchange would probably help make this more of a viable option for corporates to adopt.

    Is Google doing anything around this?


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