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August 10, 2006

Google Engages Star Trek Fans In 3D Artwork

For the 5th Annual Star Trek Convention that will take place in Las Vegas, Google wants you to be a part of the event. "Use your imagination and celebrate sci-fi history by using our free Google Earth, Maps and SketchUp to create your own sci-fi themed vision of an alien's visit to Earth. Skin-tight uniforms and scaly green skin are, of course, optional." You'll design the scene using Google Sketchup (which is now free), and upload it to Google's 3D Warehouse using the tag "scifi".

Your artwork will be displayed on a Google site and at Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, between August 17-20, 2006. You can send the files until August 13, so you have to be fast. Engage!

{ Thank you, Trek1701. }

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