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August 28, 2006

eBay and Google Launch VoIP Click-to-Call Ads

Google will start to place ads on eBay and will become the exclusive provider of text ads outside of the US. Google will also use "click-to-call", a feature that makes it easier for businesses to connect with customers: with one click, you're able to talk for free with someone from the company that placed the ad. They will start to test the two components at the beginning of next year.

As of today, "click-to-call" works this way: you provide your phone number, Google calls your number and connects you with the company. In the near future, Google and eBay will use their VoIP clients (Google Talk and Skype) for click-to-call.

This move is interesting if you take into account that Google started to offer this year Google Checkout, a service that could evolve into a PayPal rival. Still, eBay is one of the largest advertisers on AdWords and the partnership will be good for both parties: Google will have more pages where to show ads, while eBay will makes sure Google will not expand too much into its area. It's also a good way to promote their VoIP clients.

Another interesting aspect of the agreement is that "the companies will also explore interoperability between Skype and Google Talk via open standards to enable text chat and online presence."


  1. This feature (click-to-call) should become the norm for customer support applications also.

    Eg. My canon camera is screwed up. I go to and click-to-call a customer service agent.

    Maybe google can even insert voice-ads instead of the dull and boring music in between the "All agents are busy" messages.

  2. "If this is vibrating you're a winner"...

    "If this is taking pictures of you, we're really not spying on you, we're the good guys!"

  3. Check out Google Map's new click to call service. I understand a company called VoIP, Inc. is providing the service - very cool company!

  4. An even 'cooler' company can hook up your mobile to a LIVE customer service agent via text or click - so no music, no ads. Send a text, your phone rings, CS agent's on the line. Got there years before Google. How cool is that? Not very: I hear they're talking to Yahoo. Check out


  5. The click to call service offers a call to action solution and track down origin of calls. This will also help drive in more visitors to your website.


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