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September 28, 2006

Giant Bug and Naked People, Spotted in Google Earth

Two creatures have been very famous these days, not because they did something spectacular, but because they were spotted in Google Earth. The first one is a topless sunbather from Holland, the second one is a small bug that appears to be huge, but it's only "a Thrips which was probably squished between a glass plate and the film during the scanning process".


  1. uiahaiuhaiuha
    muito comedia hiuahaiuhiuah

  2. she doesn't look topless to me. It's obvious she is wearing a peach colored top. Geezus

  3. maybe it's a guy in a speedo :(

  4. So now will google need to add a
    18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement
    to google earth?

  5. It looks like Google Maps still has bugs...

  6. I'm 100% sure it came from that mind-boggling military facility in China, the one the army built in the middle of the desert. It's actually a 1:500 replica of all of Aksai Chin, which belonged to India before China occupied it in their war of 1962. They're probably breeding giant insects as part of China's plan for world domination.

    The Google Earth forum entry:

  7. I know a blow up doll when I see one.


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