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September 27, 2006

Google Inaccessible to Some Comcast Users

Many sites, including, were inaccessible yesterday in the US because of a DNS failure at Comcast. A Google spokesman said that "Google engineers helped troubleshoot the problem and provided diagnostic information to the ISP. We believe the issue has since been resolved by the ISP."

PC World reports that the problems affected people from the northeastern part of the U.S. It's interesting to note that localized Google sites like were accessible.


  1. That would include me!!!!
    but i didn't use the computer at home, so i don't know...

  2. wait was that yesterday?
    well, that would explain why the internet wasn't working for a second and why it was so slow (50KBs, at most, from Sourceforge on Hi-Speed)

  3. We are in Dover NH with a business account and we do not use Comcast's DNS but had problems contacting the site for a week before this outage. AKA Comcast lost a backbone/Trunk/Incorrect routing or something and it was not DNS related for us to be unable to contact Since we use our own DNS resloving to root servers not owned by comcast. names did resolve properly, contacting did not. Sounds like a cover up of something else.

  4. As of October 18th I am still having intermittent Google outages (for hours on end). I have to use (Google English) and Comcast (my ISP) tech support doesn't seem to know much about it. The only Google subdomain that works is for some reason.


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