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September 8, 2006

User Distributed Search

This project, known as Ajax Search API, wants to transform search results into a commodity. Imagine a site that lets you create your own playlist of videos from Google Video, or a comment form where you can embed information from search results without leaving the page.

"The Google AJAX Search API is an experimental API that lets you integrate a dynamic Google search module into your web pages so your users can mash up Google search results with other content on your site or add search results clippings to their own content."

The phone list from the video is actually a spreadsheet where you can copy results from Google Local. Imagine how this would look in Google Spreadsheets.

There are three gadgets for Google Personalized Homepage that use this API: video search that lets you create playlists based on search results, map search and the combined search (web, blogs, maps, videos).

I think Google UDS will have an interesting future and will be the foundation for many innovative mashups, like Google Maps API is today.


  1. I've been looking at this lately too, good to read your thoughts on its potential impact. It's a widget!

  2. GHome:
    all in one Google homepage.

    Go here:

    tell me what you think..

    and no its not a scam to get you to read my blog. b/c i dont have a blog, its just easier to post there.


  3. Yeah i like the 'mash up' and will be mashing up data sent to goolge from any site that uses googles UDS because i am sick of the crap that goes with it that allows google to spy on me.

    Make no mistake Google is big brother and needs to be stopped now they are on 80% of the worlds web sites in one form or another.

    Does anyone here not ask why Google is providing all these services FOC and can you not see it's your customers that are paying for it and deserve more privacy.


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