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September 18, 2006

Choose How Often Google Crawls Your Site

Bigmouthmedia reports that Google Sitemaps has a new feature that allows you to choose how often Googlebot crawls your site. You can select from 5 values, from slowest to fastest, but you must know that a faster crawl uses more bandwidth. For the moment, this feature is still experimental, so you may not find it in your Google Sitemaps account.

"We are testing an alpha version of our new tool with a small percentage of webmasters who use Sitemaps. You should leave this control at the Normal setting unless you are having trouble with the speed at which Googlebot is crawling your server.

Simply select the rate at which you would like the Googlebot to crawl your server and click save. During this stage of testing, we will evaluate requests to determine the best way of using this data and providing this tool to everyone."

Google Sitemaps, recently rebranded as Google Webmaster Central, is a control panel for webmasters, where they can find statistics about searches, crawling errors and submit sitemaps so that Google finds their pages faster.

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  1. Is there any feedback on this yet?

  2. when i went to google webmaster it said google is unable to crawl my blog ,and i filled up request form to crawl my blog ,but since then no reply by them

  3. All Our Base Are Belong To Google!July 30, 2009 at 9:15 AM

    the Google Webmaster Tools were pretty useless before their recent lifting, now they are outrageously useless. I guess that's a big achievement. Except for a reinclusion request, GWT is worthless rubbish, the stats are very random, inbound links are hysterical, and you're better off without tweaking "preferred domain". It must be Google's favorite private joke to webmasters.

  4. hi i have been waiting for google and bing to index my blog for two weeks now and am getting very frustrated with them. aswell as iam still waiting for them to update my site My question is when do they update and how can i get them to crawl or spider my site.

  5. Im working with Google Analytic , Webmaster tools and Submitted URL to google crawler, Lets see when my blog will be crawled.


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