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September 27, 2006

Record Videos in Google Earth

Fraps is a video capturing tool, useful if you want to record scenes from games. But you can also use it to record videos in Google Earth, a feature available in Google Earth Pro, if you add Movie Making Module (Google Earth Pro costs $400, and the module $200).

Fraps costs $37, but it can be used for free if you don't mind to see a watermark or if you don't want a big resolution. Fraps produces huge files, so you have to use a software like Windows Movie Maker or VirtualDub to compress the videos.

Here's one video that uses Google Earth footage recorded with Fraps:


  1. snagit does a great job as well I've used it with google earth in 'fly mode' for presentations.

  2. Alex, you are incredible. I have been following all of your posts out here... they are amazing.. I am even getting your posts as RSS feed on my thunderbird account..

    but, I wonder what you do and how you can find time to write all these.. how is that possible, bro? are you working at Google? if not, apparently, you are spending very majority of your time online and on google..
    could you please tell me (and also other readers of your posts) about yourself?

    your posts are a major source of learning for us..
    thank you.

  3. I'll write something about me one of these days, but I hoped it wouldn't be that important.

  4. Try CamStudio to create Google Earth videos. It works well, can record audio and it's Open Source!
    It creates .avi files and can convert .avi to flash!

  5. what is the name of that song - its driving me nuts! nice demo btw!

  6. Henning, I have the song under the name "Deep Forrest - Sweet Lullaby".

  7. Cant work out how to download my videos, do I need a specific version of GE. Do my videos need to be geotagged, and if so how do you do it? I know exactly where they have been shot.

  8. FRAPS only records for about 20 secs useless!

  9. Please tell me the path that i can download the software

  10. Someone broke into my house today is it possible to see who it was if so how


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