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September 16, 2006

View Your Friends on a Map in orkut

Darnell Clayton found a new feature in Google's social network, orkut.

"The friends map on is a feature offering powerful, user-friendly mapping technology to see where all of your friends are located around the world. By clicking on any of your friends' pictures on the right-hand side of the map, you'll be taken to their locations on the map."

To see your friends on a map, go to this page (you need to have an orkut account). This Google Maps mashup uses the location information you put in your orkut profile.


  1. This is a really cool feature, although my only concern are the privacy settings as you can find out were someone roughly lives through the map, even if you have not given them permission through your "friendship level" settings.

    Besides that, this is a really cool feature. :)

  2. Sounds great. Now if only I could get an orkut account.

  3. Well, it looks great, but it only mapped my friends from Spain and USA. Google maps doesn't know about Portugal or Brasil?

    Maybe it's only still an early beta feature. By the way, shouldn't the link to this map appear in Orkut?

  4. hi how can i get this feature im my orkut ,,,,, help plz...... my id is

  5. when i open map these msg are showing

    Cannot display a map because no user locations are known

  6. how can i get this feature im my orkut Profile?
    when i click the map link this think only shows that time .and shows only loading ... ont opeaning.
    this thing is not shows in my profile after closing page...
    my some friend allready have this feature..
    but still not in my profile.
    plzzzzzzzz healp


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