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September 7, 2006

Minimize Modules from Google Personalized Homepage

Google Personalized Homepage has added a new option: you can now minimize the modules (gadgets). This is useful if you have many modules or if some of your modules contain personal information and you don't want others to see it. Google has changed the design for the close button and for the edit link. You can see the previous design below:

Sites like Netvibes had this feature for a long time, and it's a rather obvious addition as modules are simplified windows that contain a small quantity of information. Another feature that should be added to Google IG is tabs, so you can have more than one personalized homepage.

Google Personalized Homepage also shows featured modules, a way to discover new content. It would be nice if Google's recommendations were personalized.


  1. there is a module for google homepages that gives tabs, so u can have more "virtual" pages. it works quite good.
    i miss more "graphic" interface, like netvibes, but this tab feature is very helpful

  2. I think the minimize and close buttons look strange the way they're vertically centered in double-height module title bars (the " Word of the Day" module, for example).

  3. OP: Check out the link from the person 2 above.

    I use this tab module extensively (not buggy for me). It allows me 6 different main categories to put feeds into and really helps out.

  4. Hi. I"m the creator of the tabs module. Thousands of people use it daily, and I only get a few bug reports weekly, mostly because they didn't read the help page that goes with the module. But, there are hints at Google releasing native tab support on the Personalized Homepage. See:

  5. Yeh i noticed this little addition to homepage.
    I had a previous gadget that added a minimize option, then it had this ugly blue border when the new update was added.
    But i still went "OH YEAH!" in the middle of a college class...

    Also thats great news to hear about the tab thing, i really need to try this one out!
    And i'd love to see Google finally implement something like that in the future.
    And one more important thing (after they fix some minor things first) is dynamic updates.
    It can be rather annoying when an entire page refreshes...


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