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September 15, 2006

Related Searches

Most search engines show related searches, that may be useful to refine your query. Maybe you don't know too much about "marketing", and you want to find out some marketing strategies. If you type "marketing" at Windows Live Search, you'll see a list of related searches: "internet marketing", "direct marketing", "search engine marketing" etc. In this case, Windows Live Search finds popular queries that contain your keyword.

Google doesn't show related searches in the SERP, except for a small number of queries. They only show one refinement and the first three results. Unfortunately the results are far from perfection, as you can see below:

If you want to see related searches in Google, you'll have to use a trick. Type define: in front of your query, and you'll see a list of related searches. As the define operator is used to find definitions, you'll have to remove it to see the search results.


  1. hope google could improve it,
    let google hear that,
    dear friends.

  2. Thanks for the hint! Sounds very promising...

  3. Hi! Some question:
    Here ( we see related words for "v tach". But query define:maggie rizer don't show related querys, why?

  4. Google related searches are very useful to get suggestions during keyword research. I use it to move from general to more specific terms. The define command is also very useful to get definitions but it does work better for general terms.

  5. Maybe you know more such tools? related keywords tools

  6. That's a great 'work around' but this only works for a small number of words. I wish to look for related searches to "septic waste", and so i type define:septic waste and Google returns 'No definitions were found for septic waste'.

    Definitions and related phrases are not the same. Try this; define:define and the related searches which are displayed will certainly contain the phrase 'related searches'


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