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September 27, 2006

Winamp Moves to the Web

My favorite audio player for Windows, Winamp, has been upgraded to version 5.3 and has two new features: Winamp Dashboard and Winamp Remote.

Winamp Dashboard is a sort of personalized homepage, that lets you add widgets for news, most played songs, viral videos, Winamp skins.

Winamp Remote is a media server, that allows you to share your music to the world. "Winamp Remote gives users the ability to access their personal collection of music from any internet-connected computer. Support for video and photo sharing and access from internet-capable mobile phones is expected soon. Winamp Remote also contains powerful but easy-to-use tools that let users share listening and viewing experiences with friends." (from the press release)

To use Winamp Remote, you need to install a new application and create an account. Then you can share some of your folders and invite your friends to enjoy your music. They can explore the music library in a browser and stream the songs using their favorite audio player.

Here's the download link you won't find on Winamp site: Winamp 5.3 Full (6.12 MB). Both new features are available in the Media Library.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up! Same as you, Winamp has long been my favorite Windows audio player. And Bjork is awesome. :)

  2. real geeks use good old winamp 2.93 ('s)

  3. ionut you know what ?
    Winamp really wins the longest Ass....!

    Give me the link for the winamp remote site....

  4. Here's the link to Winamp Remote, but you also need to download Winamp 5.3.

  5. Winamp is my favourite Windows audio player! I like it a lot! Thanks!


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