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September 6, 2006

Best Gadgets From Google Desktop Contest

Google has announced the winners of the Google Desktop Contest. The most appreciated gadgets are:

*** Day/Night World Clock that shows information about a city or country (the map, location, sunrise, sunset).

** Multiplayer Reversi - play Reversi against the computer or a contact from Google Talk.

* DiggGadget - find the latest posts from Digg in a compact view. You can also browse the posts by topic.


  1. I only wish we could use gadgets without having to enable the sidebar... I really hate the sidebar.

  2. You can do that. Just drag the gadgets to your desktop and minimize the sidebar. You can disable the sidebar by selecting None from the tray icon.

  3. Hm, those seem kind of disappointing. I was hoping for some great gadgets that would make me want to start using Google gadgets.

    Any readers here have some better gadgets that they can't live without?

  4. I've put together a small top 10 some time ago.