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September 25, 2006

Google / Saturn Video Ad

If you want to launch a new model of a car, a video might be the best kind of ad. Google wants to convince advertisers that it can do not just text ads, but also image ads and video ads. New York Times reports that Google partnered with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, a San Francisco agency that delivers ads to Saturn, a division of General Motors.

"The project begins (...) with a test of a campaign for Saturn, bundling together several Google products and services like clickable video clips, the Google Earth satellite mapping tool and geographic finding of computer users.

Visitors to a variety of Web sites in six cities around the country that are home to 22 Saturn dealerships will see what look like typical banner ads for Aura, a new Saturn midsize sedan. Clicking on an ad will produce a view of the earth that zooms in on the dealership nearest to the computer user."

Here's what the ad looks like (this is just a video, not an ad). Clicking on the ad would send you to this landing page.

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