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September 9, 2006

Satellite Imagery Update in Google Maps

Google Earth Blog reports that there's a big update for satellite photos in Google Maps and Google Earth. There are many areas that have high resolution images, including small cities from US like Keene (New Hampshire). The satellite imagery has been updated in Belgium, Norway, Japan and many other countries. So if you see new images from your country in Google Maps or Google Earth, it means you're also a part of this update.

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  1. Hy, the pictures of Antwerp are at least 2 years too old. Grts, Sven from Belgium

  2. Someone from Belgium said it's new.

  3. Oh, and it can't be 2 years old. Google Maps was launched in February 2005 and added satellite imagery for Europe this year.

  4. as far as i recall the images can be up to 3 years old..
    they could easily be older than the software..

  5. Yeh from what i see, some images can be around 3 years old at times.
    But i have noticed a major increase around Ayrshire (where i live)
    The update for there happened around a month ago i believe.
    Still see the old back garden from my house though, hehehe.
    Oh so many memories.

    I wonder if i could get a little job (even donate my time) to help this.
    I would gladly help them with it.
    I guess i should look into it sometime

  6. Yeah, images can be old. So it's interesting to see a big update without any new images :)

    Seriously, Google Earth Blog says there are many new high resolution images in Google Maps. If anyone finds one, let me know, so I change this old image. Belgians are nice people, so I don't want to upset them with such inaccurate news.

  7. Then I think it are only some parts of Antwerp that are up to date.

    Actually, I feel more comfortable that the pictures aren't that up-to-date, it's a bit frightening otherwise

    Sven, Belgium

  8. argh, oh no!
    I can't see Ayrshire up close anymore >_<
    I could zoom right in to the last value, now i can't even get to the 10th last zoom now!
    What have they done?!
    The middle of Scotland has a massive gray square around the 11th-12th last zooms!
    Nooooooo, Gooooogle??

    Oh well lol
    I'm guessing its just to do with the newer updates, probably newer versions of the maps.
    I can't even see the palm islands in Dubai now =(

  9. Has something happened in the past week or so that needs an update to even locate things on maps? Not only do I not even get satellite images as an option, I get no options! And if I search for a place, I get an address but where it is doesn't appear on the map! It says 'Loading' highlighted in yellow at the top but never changes. I get automatic updates of programs and haven't altered my permissive script settings...what on earth (at any magnification) has happened?qiqlsopq

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