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September 20, 2006

Compare Google Results from Around the World

Search Engine Watch found a site that lets you compare Google search results from different locations. Google uses geotargeting, so the results from different countries (and even regions from the same country) might be different. For better results, select a data center instead of using My only complaints are that the site is pretty slow and it doesn't have an extensive list of countries.

This geotargeted search comparison might be useful if you want to have a better look at your rankings, but you should know that there are other factors like personalization that can modify the order of the search results.


  1. Thanks for your comments! It's just a first working edition, so there are certainly going to be issues to iron out. It seems to be working pretty good so far (but as you mentioned, sometimes very slow).

    Speed and availability of servers in other countries could be made better. The main problem is that the tool mainly uses "proxy"-type servers which are known to be slow and unreliable. I have over 5000 of them in my database, but only about 60 are reliable enough to be used in that tool (and even those are sometimes slow or even time out). The best way to increase the speed and availability would be for webmasters to install a small script that would allow me to use their server as an exit-point to access Google (low bandwidth requirements as it cycles through the servers). If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me, I'll send you the script to check and possibly install :-)

  2. Is there an American Google search? There are others for other countries (Google Australia, Google UK), but where's Google US?

  3. But doesn't that search the whole Internet, instead of only American sites? It doesn't really affect me anyway, as I live in a different country, but it's weird that out of all the countries, America doesn't have its own Google.


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