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September 11, 2006

Google Video Shows the Number of Views

Google Video has finally opened up: for each video, you can see the total number of views and the number of views from the day before.

One of the most popular video from Google Video ("Hips don't lie spoof") has 8,762,847 total views and 133,890 are from yesterday. The most popular video from YouTube ("Evolution of dance") has 32,426,948 total views, while on Google Video it only has 1,290,703 views. The problem with these stats is that there are lots of duplicate videos, and neither Google nor YouTube do something about that.

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  1. It seems that Google video stopped showing the number of views of videos. At least I cannot find this thing anymore. As I have several videos and want to rank them according to the number of views, maybe someone can show me where to look for that number?

  2. I have also noticed this happening on certain videos, the number of views just disappeared. What is going on? It is only on certain ones. Can the person who posted the video remove this feature for some reason?

  3. I want to know the same thing. What is up with the total number of views a certain video gets. That is an interesting number as far as I can tell. I hope Google is pressured to make an announcement on their policy regarding this aspect of their service.

  4. Me too. I want to see how my video is doing and how many people actually watched it.

  5. The psychology behind the controllers fudging the stats is to make the "individual" who comprehends the information think they are the minority when in fact they may be the majority. If the controllers can make the majority think "they are the only ones who know and have learned something" as if they were in a small minority. Psychologically they make you timid and shaky to discuss what you know with others and the blackout from the Networks validates you thinking you are in a very small minority when actually you are in the majority. Very effective manipulation by them folks and let me tell you: The world is not flat and Government took it all over by investment years ago and are consolidating for absolute control internationally at this time! Pay attention here folks, your futures and ownership of this country are at stake.


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