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September 24, 2006

FoxyTunes - Control Music Players in Firefox

FoxyTunes is a Firefox extension that lets you control a music player from the browser. The idea is not original, but this add-on supports a lot of music players (from Winamp, iTunes to RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Amarok and foobar2000) and autodetects the current player. You can even use keyboard shortcuts if you don't like to click on small buttons.

If you use Winamp, you can obtain a similar effect by selecting the modern skin and entering the "Windowshade mode", a mini version of Winamp that could remain always on top. Windows Media Player can also be minimized to a small player integrated into the taskbar.

So why would you install this extension? Well, maybe you use a player that doesn't have a mini mode. Or maybe you want to use the search functionality of FoxyTunes. You can find information about the artist, song lyrics, videos and buy songs from iTunes. Foxytunes takes advantage of the new medium by letting you play files linked in a web page.

The interface is customizable and there are skins you can download. If you spend most of your online time in Firefox, it's a good idea to try this extension.

SongBird - Firefox as a media player
If Google developed a music player...


  1. Quicksilver on the Mac side does the same sort of thing from any application. And more. But this is nice for when I'm not with my nice computer... ;-)

  2. Amarok, winamp and a lot of other players supports global shortcuts, meaning you can interact with them while in any other application.

    But if you like pressing little buttons, firetune is the way to go.

  3. I know about that. I use Winamp in the mini mode, with the global hotkeys enabled and I can do much more than FoxyTunes allows me (for example, jump to a song).

    But FoxyTunes' strength might be the integration with web tools.


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