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September 11, 2006

Google Ad Creation Marketplace

Google has a program called Google In Your Language, that lets you translate the messages from different Google services into other languages. While looking at the list of messages for Google Accounts section, I've noticed an interesting string: "Ad Creation Marketplace". This is not a Google service (at least not yet), but I think it might be linked to the new varieties of ads launched by Google: video ads, radio ads and even TV ads if we take into account that Google has registered

These new ads are much more difficult to create than text ads and image ads. As many small publishers don't have enough money to use professional agencies, Google Ad Creation Marketplace might be the perfect place for them.

"Google AdSense Audio would enable people with a $200 budget to break into radio advertising, making targeted and area advertising via radio, IPTV and podcast more effective and viable for smaller businesses," said Zachary Applegate after talking to some Googlers. If you spend money on radio ads, you must have a good copy and an effective message. But you can't spend too much money on ad creation, so you have to find a small agency that we'll help you. Where? In Google Ad Creation Marketplace.

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