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September 7, 2006

Google vs Yahoo

It's always interesting to compare two search engines. Some people say Yahoo Search is almost as good as Google Search, others say they show similar results. There are many sites that compare the results provided by the two search engines.

My favorite site is Google vs Yahoo, that uses Flash to compare the first 100 results.

GahooYoogle splits the screen in half and lets you compare the results for web search, image search, video search, news and shopping.

If you want to compare Google Maps with Yahoo Maps, Sergey Chernyshev's site is helpful. You'll notice that Google Maps' satellite imagery is better, especially in Europe.

Consistency vs innovation


  1. Yahoo is an entertainment portal. i use yahoo messenger always for group chat. i use google for search, gmail and google talk. but google talk cannot be used for anonymous chat.

  2. As per email service compare to gmail yahoo is more security and better one

  3. Here is an interesting site I found that can compare realtime and helpful in daily use.

    No question about Google dominance in search. But I found some instances where MSN perform better than Google.

    So I would like to have the best of all worlds. Here is the blog I wrote:

  4. There's a group on facebook for talking about google vs yahoo!/pages/Browntown-AL/yah00-is-like-g00gles-ugly-loser-twin-that-nobody-likes/381471334080

    Pretty biased as you can see :p
    It's just full of fun topics and conversations, feel free to add it!


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