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September 14, 2006

Picasa 2.5 Out Of Beta

The new version of Picasa, that includes the ability to create web albums and geotag your photos is out of beta. Although Picasa's homepage doesn't mention anything about that, their release notes talk about Picasa 2.5 Build 32.91, September 12, 2006. The last beta version was Beta 3, Build 32.71.

So if you have Picasa 2 and the auto-update feature enabled, you'll have a nice surprise soon. For those who already have Picasa 2.5 Beta, it will be just a minor update.

In addition to the features already mentioned, here are the rest of the new features in Picasa 2.5:

* Nested Folder View. Now you can choose how to display folders in Picasa, whether they're nested or sorted by date.

* Larger thumbnails. The thumbnails are slightly larger, so images are clearer.

* New RAW features. Picasa supports more cameras and RAW formats (including the Canon 30D, Nikon D200, and DNG).

* Save edits to disk. When you edit photos in Picasa, you can choose to save those edits as you go, replacing the original photos with your newly edited versions.

* Screensaver. Show starred photos in a collage, or pan and zoom your Web Album photos. Choose between four presentation options to display your best shots.

{ Via Zmarties. }

Update: Download Picasa 2.5 Build 32.91.


  1. If it's out of beta, how do you explain the "Experimental" menu options? For me it do not look like a final product.

  2. Hey, Romanian reader.

    Ask them about the experimental features. The title doesn't include beta anymore and Picasa shows RELEASE notes on the site. After all, the last version was Beta 3, so it was time to release it.

    No official announcement from Picasa yet.

  3. The update is not automatic.

    It would be nice if some of the new features were ported over to update the Linux version also.

  4. I am not sure what they have changed but Picasa has slowed down 5000%. It takes forever moving from pic to pic and locks up all the time. I have 2GB of RAM and loved the previous version.


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