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April 1, 2006

The Real Google Prank: Google Romance

This year's Google prank isn't Google Browser or Google Rooms, nor the launch of Google Calendar, Google MBD, Google Health and not even the public release of Gmail. It's Google Romance.

"Ever been on a date and wondered "What on Earth am I doing with this person?" Or perhaps you wished there was a way that you could instantly find your perfect match, and then go on a date during which everything just went right?

Wish no more: Google Romance, a beta product currently incubating in Google Labs, uses cutting-edge personal search algorithms to help you find your soulmate, then sponsors your first Contextual Date with said soulmate-to-be in exchange for showing you highly relevant advertising that just might help Cupid's arrow find its mark. Does it really work? Ask our internal beta testers -- if you can find them, that is. Not a single one has shown up for work in days." (Google Blog)

"Our internal projections say Contextual Dating is going to be unbelievably huge, just a total cash cow," said Google CEO Eric Schmidt in prepared remarks placed into the notes section of an executive PowerPoint presentation and intended solely for internal use but promptly leaked onto the web and then roundly mocked on Digg and Slashdot.

Use Google Romance and "you'll live happily, and contextually, ever after."


  1. While I do realize this is an april's fools joke, then I think Google Romance would actually work.

    I mean, everybody knows Google, with the amount of brand awareness that the Google-brand has. Then it wouldnt be surprising, for Google Romance to reach a very high number of users in a very short amount of time.

    And if the service was free, then even more users would certainly sign up. While it would eliminate some of the 'seriousness' of other dating sites, that charge for their services, then I am sure the sheer amount users would make up for it.

    Also it would be alot easier to get into contact with people from around the world, if not for romance, then just to talk to them, and build friendships or whatever you want to classify it as.

    Brilliant idea.

    yeah first blog comment ever :D

  2. I was excited. I wqent to sign up -- and IT WAS A PRANK. I was diappointed and miffed, but I think if Google had this service for real, it would be a huge success

  3. I was excited. I went to sign up --and IT WAS A PRANK. I was diappointed and miffed, but I think if Google had this service for real, it would be a huge success

  4. I believe that it would be a great application for Google to have as well, what with gmail and gtalk. I too was dissapointed when I went to the site. Such a prank has dampened my view of Google.