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July 2, 2006

AdSense Audio: Advertising For Radios

Zachary Applegate made a visit to Google's Irvine California office and discovered some new things about the upcoming AdSense Audio for radio advertising.

"They demonstrated the product and gave an overview of how they are able to dynamically generate and change commercial content according to demographic and what is currently going on in the geographic area of radio stations.

Google AdSense Audio would enable people with a $200 budget to break into radio advertising, making targeted and area advertising via radio, IPTV and podcast more effective and viable for smaller businesses."

It will be interesting to watch if Google's plunge into traditional media advertising is successful. After the failure of Google AdSense for Print, Google will try to create a better offer for radios. This way, we'll hear a greater variety of ads that are better targeted and more useful. Like the online AdSense, this would be very helpful for local / small businesses.

GPS Google ads on radio
Google Interactive TV


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  2. For those of you who stumbled across this post, the Adsense for Audio is now available at google via (for publishers, advertisers can go do the adwords version of that link).

  3. Well I wouldnt use payperplay, take a look at KeyAudioAds from they distribute interactive audio ads to their network of publishers websites. All the usually frills and spills, with GEO targeting for local businesses.


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