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July 4, 2006

Google Fights For Net Neutrality

Reuters reports that "Google warned on Tuesday it will not hesitate to file anti-trust complaints in the United States if high-speed Internet providers abuse the market power they could receive from U.S. legislators."

"My company, along with many others believes that the Internet should stay open and accessible to everyone equally," Google's Vint Cerf said.

"The days of unfettered, unlimited and free access to any site on the world wide web, what I call net neutrality, are being threatened," said Senator Ron Wyden. "Those who own the pipes, the giant cable and phone companies, want to discriminate on which sites you can access."

So what is net neutrality? The idea that no one owns the Internet, there is no centralization, no fast lanes. Broadband carriers want to control what sites are better served to get money from the site owners. Carriers want content providers who have bandwidth-intensive Internet traffic to pay a premium fee. Here is a video that illustrates the concept:

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