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July 1, 2006

Have Fun With Google

55 Ways To Have Fun With Google by Philipp Lenssen is a book about the not-so-serious side of a search engine. Some people think it's all about complicated algorithms, server farms and smart people.

But search engines are more than that: you can find if your date is a criminal, Bono's birth place, tasty recipes or webcams from all over the world. A search engine can help you write poetry, tell to the world what do you think about you president, and find how was World Wide Web announced by its inventor on Usenet.

And if the search engine we're talking about is Google, who became an English word, we can create an entire dictionary of Google words: Googlewhack, Googledrome, Googleplex, Googlehack, Froogle, Googler, Googlejuice, PageRank, Googlebot, Googledance, Googlebomb.

The whole dictionary, explained in a friendly way, and some wisely chosen games and stories - in a book you can read in your summer holiday.

You can find more about the book at its official homepage, where you can preview the full content for free and buy the print version.

A book recommended by Google Operating System.

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