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November 1, 2006

Google Talk Has Offline Messages

Google Talk lets you send offline messages to your contacts. The messages will be delivered the next time they log in to Google Talk.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the messages can be found in the Chats section from Gmail.

{ Via Googling Google. }


  1. Now is there something more in Yahoo Messenger that GTalk lacks ? ;)

    Goooood going Google !

  2. WEBCAM!!!
    Now where's my prize money???

  3. @chinmay....
    yeah buddy.. GTalk still lack confrencing..... hope they add it soon....

  4. You know why it doesn't support webcams?
    Because it is called Google Talk.
    If google wanted to support webcams, they would call it Google See.

  5. today I noticed that you can now send messages to offline users via the GMail chat interface.
    this was not possible before, seems that Google added this feature silently. I was expecting this feature so long...


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