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November 3, 2006

Google Tries to Solve YouTube's Legal Problems

Financial Times reports that Google wants to offer all the copyright content from YouTube legally and to add even more.

"Chief executive Eric Schmidt and other managers have met CBS, Viacom, Time Warner, NBC Universal, News Corp and others, say people familiar with the talks, offering tens of millions of dollars in upfront payments for the right to broadcast their video content legally on YouTube."

Many videos have been removed from YouTube, including a list of videos that included content from Comedy Central, as a result of DMCA requests. In fact, a big share of YouTube's popularity is due to the copyrighted content.

Financial goes on and compares YouTube with Napster: "YouTube could face the same fate as Napster, the file-sharing service that gained enormous popularity seven years ago before the music companies sued it for copyright infringement and put it out of business." Napster didn't have a corporation to take care of its interests or a business model. YouTube is about to have both things.


  1. Comedy Central asked yesterday (11/2/06) for YouTube to put all of their content back up on the site. As of 5 mins ago, it is all back on there and working.

  2. Sorry but I have 2 questions.

    Who can say anything "true" about "Gdrive" and "The Google OS"???

    I just wanna be happy if those lovely things became real...

    I'll pray for it.

    God bless you...hehehe


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