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November 2, 2006

Simple Text Sharing

I sometimes need to share small pieces of data without using complicated things like mail, an IM client. I just want to paste a small text somewhere and assign a URL. But that URL must be very simple or there must be a way to access the page without knowing the address.

I call this "simple text sharing", but other like to call it Nopaste. is a site where you can paste a piece of code or just some text, type a nickname, a description and that's it. If you don't want to remember the URL of your text, you can just go to "Recent pastes" and locate it quickly (fortunately, the site doesn't have too many visitors).

Another solution is cl1p, where you can upload files and choose the address.


  1. I've seen a similar service named PasteBin and such - it seems that the concept has been around for some time now, but it does indeed prove useful.

  2. I have created a script that essentially does this locally:

    I spent a short while developing the simplest of batch file scripts to allow me to upload a file, to the server of my choice using only right click within Windows Explorer. I then added the ability to log these uploads with both local and online paths before finally copying the destination URL to the clipboard (for easy pasting and sharing).

    Thus, create a text file in notepad - save it - right click > upload and you're done.

  3. Install the addin for google notebook.
    Sheez you would think someone with a blog called Google Operating System would know this.

  4. and you think this is less complex than sending an email !?!

  5. Hi, first post on here....great site, keep up the good work!!

    I use my personalised home page and add the Sticky notes feature...this works perfect, nice and easy and it appears on my most used page.

  6. It is ignorant about non-latin1 encodings.
    Useless with anything but ASCII.

  7. It is ignorant about non-latin1 encodings.
    It's mostly for code, but I'm sure the encoding problems could be fixed.

    Install the addin for google notebook.
    You have to log in to Google, install an extension, restart Firefox, send the text to a (public) notebook. Too complicated if you're at a public computer, for example.

  8. has discontinued its service. While cl1p and are still active, there are also some other good alternatives. My favorite is tinypaste, which is able to include pictures and videos in your text and is still easy to use. You find my comparison of some good text sharing sites at


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