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November 2, 2006

Google Checkout, Free Until the End of the Year

It's not official, but Google plans to offer another discount for Google Checkout. This time, Google will offer free payment processing until the end of the year, for sellers that create an account at this page. Normally, sellers pay 2% plus $.20 per transaction. Google Checkout, launched in June as a way to buy things faster and safer, didn't have a big success, so Google had to continually push the product with all kinds of promotions. Also many users had problems using the service. This move will attract many online stores and the product may finally get some praises, if Google fixed their problems and improved the customer support. So if your favorite online store decides to accept Google Checkout, will you use it? { Via Andy Beal. }

Update: it's official.


  1. I tried Google Checkout to take advantage of the $10 off deal. I was impressed with the ease of use. Plus, saving $10 on a $30 order is awesome!

    With that said, I probably won't use Checkout much in the future. If a store offers it, I might. I'm not committed to it, though.

  2. Yes I love google checkout too. Got $40 off at on four different orders :D.


  3. Just to let you know, your title is spelled incorrectly - it should be "Until".

    Looking forward to more of your excellent posts!


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