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June 2, 2006

New Google Homepage Experiment

Keith Chan has discovered a new Google homepage whick looks extremely well. The search options include Books, Video and are placed below the search box. I think Google realized that most people search the web from its homepage, so the other types of search aren't extremely important. I wonder where do you go if you click "More you can do with Google"?

{ Merci beaucoup, TomHTML. }


  1. G Video can be integrated for

  2. Aha, feature creep. Once upon a time, Yahoo had a fairly clean homepage. But it became more and more important for the corporation to "expand awareness" of its "product offerings" so they could "monetize" them.

    Granted, Google is moving at a slower pace. Yet the direction is the same.

  3. [de rien, Ionut]

    (in english I think it's "you're welcome, Ionut")

  4. I think that "More you can do with Google" just toggles the extra headers in and out.

    So actually the interface should become cleaner for Web search, but other searches are a click farther.

  5. As I said earlier, its not the fact that Google are trying to improve homepage, more that they seem to have lost sight of the users, in all this. If we had been able to opt in or out, surely there would have been plenty of users left for feedback. The survey is a joke, as you cannot access it to comment, so whats the point of it all.PLEASE SORT IT OUT!


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