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April 1, 2006

Is Google Browser the Greatest Browser?

Why should you use Google Browser?

* You don't need a mouse to use it. Everything can be done using keyboard shortcuts, without dialogs and buttons.

* You don't need extensions for popup blocking, advertising blocking.

* You'll never need printer-friendly versions for a page.

* You won't waste time and bandwidth downloading useless pictures and Flash intros.

* Marissa Mayer uses Pine for business mail - "a simple text-based mailer in a crunchy little terminal window with Courier fonts". Google Browser can also read your mail.

* You don't need help files. You just need to know:
Use the up and down arrow (cursor) keys to move between links.
To follow the link to the next webpage, press the right arrow (or hit Enter).
To go back a page, use the left arrow.
Use Page Up/Page Down to move between screens.
To visit a new site, type g, then the site address and press enter.
Pressing the foward slash key , ‘ / ‘, allows you to search the current page for a keyword.
Stop page loading pressing z, quit the browser with q.

More about Google Browser and the story of an April Fool's Day news.


  1. I tried this browser, it kicks major ass. I mean why would you want to see stupid pictures on a site? Pointless. Javascript is overrated too, gg no re to those other noob browsers.

  2. Its true, this browser is TEH SHIZNIT and deserves to be shared with the world!

  3. This browser is AWESOME!! I use it whenever I want to impress my girlfriends when they come over

  4. I can't read my gmail with it :((

  5. Ok So the link was meant as a joke.. I get that.. but Lynx has been around for ages, with all due respect to Google, naming lynx a 'Google Bowser' seems a liitle too over the top dont u think ?

  6. ^ Was dropped on their head as a child.

  7. this browser good for dailup viewers great!!!!!!!!!!

  8. yes... it is Lynx... but I think (by reading the comments) that most people don't know what Lynx is.

  9. whoever said you couldn't view gmail, you actually can. It will say your browser is not fully supported but you can get in. I tried (gmail mobile) - but it didn't work.


  10. well, the google browser DOES alredy exist

  11. The google browser on the sight Joshua mentioned has spyware and viruses, and isn't really made by google.