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July 5, 2006

eBay Uses Google Checkout

They don't use it because they like Google Checkout or they want to promote it, but eBay probably felt their AdWords ads would be less competitive if they don't use it. And, besides, has the funny logo. eBay continues to have meaningless ads that use templates. If you search for [ebay] on Google, the first result has this description:

Buy, Vintage Sports Memorabilia items on eBay.

Everything for sale on eBay
Google Checkout


  1. I've searched for [buy] on via a US proxy.

  2. That is way too funny. For some unfunny AdSense results, check out a search for "human trafficking" - you can find great deals on human trafficking at eBay, plus there's at least one law firm that has bought the ad space to promote their services in defending people facing charges in trafficking. They are totally creepy. Those eBay template though, always crack me up.

  3. Can you acutally USE Google Checkout to pay for anything that follows this link? I clicked it but don't seen any auctions supporting Google Checkout. This looks like a mistake on Google's part to me. Perhaps the advertiser (an arbitrageur, it appears) supports Google Checkout on some things it offers, but not on anything that follows this ad. I clicked on another ad with the shopping cart icon yesterday and found the site didn't offer Google Checkout for that item. I think this is going to be a tough problem for Google to solve.

  4. Interesting.

    Google Checkout prohibits the the sale of occult or satanic ritual items, all of which can be found for sale on eBay.

    I guess if you are big enough, it doesn't matter?

  5. Google checkout is a joke!! they have no customer support. they are horrible about chargebacks because they allways fovor for the customer not the seller when the issuse arrise. GOOGLE I HOPE YOU READ THIS BECAUSE I HAVE REMOVED YOUR CRAPPY SERVICE FROM MY SITE, YOU JUST LOST ALOT OF REVENUE


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